Digital Cloud Server Provides you cheap hosting solutions, cloud hosting and cloud based personal and virtual servers. Best Quality hosting with 99.9% up time and incredible features. We are providing reliable hosting which easily meets customer needs. Our Data centers are too powerful to serve heavy traffic. Clients are provided with virtual consoles also to run scripts in popular programming languages. Secure, reliable, and scale-able hosting plans you can expand or extend them anytime.

Based on the nature of your website requirements, you can choose any type of hosting plans. For an affordable solution based on personal or portfolio blog with specific audience need affordable shared hosting for website, if running a commercial or public blog/forum personal or virtual cloud based server best fits your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Digital Cloud Server provides hosting plans which best fit user needs and requirements. Moreover affordable than many of other web hosting’s. lightening fast speed and performance which satisfies user. Technical Support provided every moment.


Responsive GUI/Panel

A powerful, easy to use panel, built and tailored professional. No more weird Gui, supportive and loaded with very powerful options.

Lightening Fast Speed

A Lightening fast speed architecture, latest technologies, custom build and efficient data paths, get into it and enjoy the fastest speed you might ever have.

Best Technical Support

Our Support agents are always there to serve our clients and guide them properly about technical and hosting related issues.

WordPress Friendly

Friendly with WordPress shortcuts, buttons to install and customize WordPress immediately without using much effort.